Hello everybody. I know that I was basically dark for the year 2013 due to the myriad of changes that I was going through as a direct result of receiving a new job. Looking back, some of the most fun I had with this blog was the Month of Codes in February 2012. In an effort to recapture that enjoyment I decided I would do another February feature. This time instead of focusing on video games codes I will be looking back on a cartoon series I fell in love with way back in 2008 when it premiered.

The series in question is “Spectacular Spiderman” which due to some creative coupon usage at Toys R Us I recently picked up in full for just $23.00.

Since it has exactly 26 episodes my intention is to watch and review an episode a day. With the first being used for the explanation you are currently reading and the last day as a place to list my ten favorite episodes of the series.

If you’re able, I definitely recommend following along… but if you can’t in addition to the reviews I will be including some ridiculous photos of my Spectacular Spider-Man figure each day so you can at least have something fun to look at.

If you’re still on the fence I suggest following this link and watching the theme song for the show. I guarantee you won’t be able to resist singing along and since the catchiness of the theme is the only reason I even began watching the show I think its a perfect place for the uninitiated to start.