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I saw 114 different films in theatres in 2014, and that means that I had a lot to pick from. I did a lot of soul searching and I can safely say these are my top ten and bottom five films of the year, feel free to let me know your thoughts

First let’s start with my Top Ten

10. The Homesman
Seen 11/30/2014 with Dayle Decker

I had a very difficult time deciding on my top ten films this year. 2014 had no shortage of great films and as you can see I saw a healthy amount of them. While my top three films were very easy to identify, after that point I found I had to deeply examine each film I saw to see if it was worthy of being put up on the list. This rigorous process is how “The Homesman” just squeaked in at number ten. The acting in the film was phenomenal, as was the story, the editing, the sound, without question “The Homesman” is a well made movie. Unfortunately, it’s just not very interesting, it moves at a very deliberate pace, and large portions of it are dedicated to watching the protagonists slowly and silently cross the untamed wilderness of the old west. Despite all of this I still found myself enjoying everything that happened up on the screen, though it wasn’t until after the film had ended that I realized the profound effect it had on me. Sitting in my chair watching the credits roll, I heard the group of people behind me start to complain about what had happened in the film, how it was boring, and that Hilary Swank’s action near the end of the film didn’t hue in line with her character for the rest of the film. In that moment hearing these cretins miss the entire point of the film I began to weep uncontrollably. I just couldn’t help myself, I felt like the entire story had been for nothing and in that moment I was overcome with emotion on behalf of her character. The fact that the film had such an emotional effect on me is why I call “The Homesman” the tenth best film of the year in my opinion.

9. Top Five
Seen 12/27/2014 with Dayle Decker

I feel like I always end up with a film on my list from the last few days of the year, forcing me to pause and consider if it only made it onto my list because it is fresh in my mind. With “Top Five” though, the truth was easy to find, especially when you consider that since seeing it last Saturday, I have gone onto see four more films. “Top Five” makes it onto the list because as I was watching it, I knew that it would be one of those movies that I would always be suckered into watching if I stumble across it whilst flipping through the channels. It probably helps that it was a very well written film championing one of my favorite methods of storytelling, two people just walking around and talking. “Top Five” was so enjoyable to me that I know it will be something I will be watching with my parents as soon as the possibility arises and thus I have put an embargo on quoting the film so as not to ruin anything for them when that day comes.

8. Labor Day
Seen 2/15/2014

I tend to avoid other top ten lists before constructing my own, but since I raved about this film when it was named one of the worst films of 2014 by a few publications people felt it was necessary to bring that to my attention. Still I want to stick by my first instinct that this was the first film I saw this year that I knew would be a contender for my top ten. While the story may have been a bit cliché, the raw emotion that I felt for the characters on the screen still stays with me and even now as I write about the film again ten months later I am reminded of pain which I felt for Kate Winslet when she admitted to Josh Brolin why her husband had left her. This is a film I want to share with so many people and I hope that the negative buzz it received doesn’t turn people off to viewing it. In the interest of full disclosure this is the first movie I saw in the theatre completely alone, and that life changing experience of having the room completely to myself may have had an effect for this film being as enjoyable to me as it was.

7. The Drop
Seen 9/29/2014

Speaking of films in which I was the only audience member, my seventh best film this year also has the honor of falling into that category. I was initially wary of seeing this film, the final swan song of the deceased James Gandolfini, because of how much of a disappointment I found last year’s film “Enough Said.” While this was a much better film in general, and another great performance by Gandolfini, the true shining star for me was Tom Hardy. Before seeing “The Drop” I really only knew Mr. Hardy from his time behind a mask as Bane, but watching him in this film gave me a deep respect for the man as an actor. In addition to fantastic performances by the entire cast and a truly compelling story, one of the strongest aspects of “The Drop” was the setting. You just felt the weight that this world put upon the actors in every single shot. The amount of immersion present in this film helped to enhance the entire experience and when they finally reveal the truth that has been just outside your reach all film it hits you as an audience member just as hard as it hits the characters in the film.

6. Begin Again
Seen 7/23/2014 with Dayle Decker and Dorothy Decker

I saw a lot of movies that featured Kiera Knightley this year. In addition to this, “The Imitation Game,” and “Laggies,” I also for the first time experienced the magic that is “Bend It Like Beckham.” This exposure to Kiera’s work made me realize just what a phenomenal actor she is. I never really thought of her as anything more than Elizabeth Swann from Pirates and that girl who that guy is in love with in “Love Actually.” I originally wanted to see “Begin Again” just for Mark Ruffalo, but it was his performance coupled with the work of Ms. Knightley that elevated this film to have a spot on my top ten. Additional kudos must be given for Mark and Kiera not winding up romantically entangled, I’m a huge fan of a love story not being a requirement for an enjoyable film.

5. Hercules
Seen 7/24/2014 with Kevin Thibault and Sejohn Serowik

It wasn’t until just now that I realized I saw my number five and number six films of the year back to back. Perhaps there was something going extremely well that week and it made those movies that much more memorable and enjoyable, but in truth it’s probably just a huge coincidence that things shook out that way. “Hercules” is one of two films made this year that tried to tell us a brand new story featuring the Greek alternative to Jesus, while the first was mired in mythology, this second film decided to ground itself in realism. This new take on “Hercules” is probably why I rank the film highly on my list of the best films of 2014. From the very beginning we as an audience learn that Hercules isn’t just a man, but a legend propagated by a group of several heroes with the titular character acting as the figurehead. The way that the film found a way to ground all of the fantastical stories of Hercules in truth was one of the coolest parts of the feature. The second best bit is that the film basically features as a remake of “The Avenger’s” set in ancient Greece

4. Chef
Seen 5/25/2014 with Dayle Decker and Dorothy Decker

When I walked out of the theatre after seeing “Chef” I told my mother and sister that it was the best film I seen so far this year, and for a long time I thought it was a shoo-in for number one film of 2014. The reason is that the film just made you feel good, the story was uplifting, the cast was obviously having a good time, the script was super contemporary, and somehow the film was able to seamlessly weave social media into the narrative. In addition to all of that the food presented looked amazing, and reminded me just how good a “food movie” can be. It was also really nice to see John Favreau work on a small scale again, sure “Iron Man” was an amazing film, but Favreau really knows how to deal with the relationships between people in his films and “Chef” showcased that in spades.

3. Life of Crime
Seen 8/30/2014 with Dayle Decker

I loved “Life of Crime” absolutely loved it. I loved it so much that when I saw it at Wal-Mart I bought two copies without even thinking about it, and then almost went back and bought a third copy on Blu-Ray a few days later. Then two days after buying two copies of the film I ended up attending a taping of “Doug Loves Movies” and to my surprise the director, Dan Schechter, was one of the guests. My love of “Life of Crime” is so great that I tracked down a copy of the book it’s based on, Elmore Leonard’s “The Switch” and read it in a day. Seriously though, “Life of Crime” is very well shot and acted film. It also in my mind is one of the most faithful book adaptations I’ve ever seen. Every single word in the original text finds its way to the screen, while still allowing for the director the leeway to make the film his own. I was fortunate to get to see this film when I came across it playing at a small independent theatre while on my way back from visiting friends in Maine. Chances are you didn’t get a chance to see it when it was in theatres, but do yourself a favor and find a copy of this great film and simply enjoy it.

2. Whiplash
Seen 11/16/2014 with Dayle Decker

“Whiplash” almost didn’t make it onto my top ten, so the fact that it eventually wound up in the runner up spot seems almost surreal to me. The fact is that from the very first time I saw the trailer for the film, I knew that I would do whatever was necessary to see the film on the big screen. Discounting that fact that I am a huge fan of Miles Teller, and the fact that J.K. Simmons flat out impressed the hell out of me in two minutes, it was when you heard that line “There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘Good Job,’” I knew I was going to see the film. The truth is that I always liked the teachers who were hard asses, the ones that wouldn’t settle. When I walked into my history class sophomore year in college and the first words out of the professor’s mouths were “You are going to hate me,” I immediately knew that I was going to do anything but. That teacher pushed me for one of the first times in my college career, which later made me take for fun a 300 level course on the American Revolution for FUN, and has had a lasting effect on the person I am in the world. Granted Professor Cohen was nowhere near as tough as J.K. Simmons was in this film, but my own desire to have someone in my life who actually pushes me, instead of just blowing smoke up my ass, really made the film hit close to home for me, and completely understand why Miles Teller would allow himself to be treated like that. In addition to all of those reasons why the film resonated with me, the soundtrack for this film was amazing, though if you aren’t a fan of Jazz Drumming, “Whiplash” probably isn’t going to be for you.

1. John Wick
Seen 10/25/2014 with Dayle Decker, Seen 10/27/2014, and Seen 12/23/2014 with Sejohn Serowik

“John Wick” is a perfect movie. I don’t usually say that about a film, I’m hyper critical and even if I love a movie there is usually something small that I can cite as a problem, that I can overlook. “John Wick” has none of that, and trust me I’ve tried to find something, that’s why I’ve seen it three times at the cinema this year. Fortunately, I have been thwarted in all attempts to find a flaw. The plot is so tightly woven, that there isn’t a single moment on the screen wasted, no plot threads are left dangling, the world is constructed quickly, efficiently, and with enough respect for the audience that you completely commit to the proceedings. When a friend who also saw the film told me it had a flimsy plot, I proceeded to explain that while it may be viewable as a flimsy premise the plot is a piece of true beauty. I don’t want to say anything about the film, because it truly is a film that needs to be seen without knowing anything about it beforehand. Just trust me that you want to see “John Wick” and go out and see it.

And now for my Bottom Five

5. Neighbors
Seen 4/23/2014 with Dayle Decker and Dorothy Decker

“Neighbors” was a terrible film, for a comedy it only got one laugh from me, and that was during the (SPOILERS) Robert De Niro theme party (END SPOILERS). The best part of seeing “Neighbors” though was that it was a test screening and as I was leaving one of the moderators asked me for my opinion, I politely told her that she wouldn’t want it, then when she pressed me for it, I proceeded to deconstruct the film for eleven minutes. Afterwards, my Mother approached the woman and said in that matter of fact tone she has “He told you, you didn’t want his opinion.” Seriously, “Neighbors” is an unfunny boorish comedy, if you have to see a Seth Rogen movie from 2014 then seek out “The Interview,” now that was a good comedy.

4. Gone Girl
Seen 10/6/2014 with Dayle Decker and Dorothy Decker

I’ve had a lot of conversations with strangers while waiting for shows to start in the tail end of the year, and it seems like the only movie anybody has seen since “Guardians of the Galaxy” is “Gone Girl.” Which pisses me off , because there were so many good films that came out in the tail end of 2014, yet people seemed to think they stopped at Gillian Flynn’s adaptation of her novel. That is not why I hate “Gone Girl” though, the reason why I hate “Gone Girl” is because it is supposed to be a mystery, and I’m supposed to be dealing with an internal struggle of whether I should side with Nick or Amy. Fact of the matter is there was not a single moment during the film when I doubted Nick’s innocence, which means that the whole fun of the mystery was lost on me. The problem doesn’t stop there though, “Gone Girl” is also about 45 minutes longer than it needs to be. Seriously I did not like “Gone Girl.”

3. Jersey Boys
Seen 6/29/2014 with Dayle Decker and Dorothy Decker

Boring, “Jersey Boys,” a lavish musical about a band that I absolutely love and would love to learn more about was boring. That’s about it, I can’t think of a single moment in the film when I was happy I was watching it. I kept hoping that something would happen and guess what it doesn’t. The biggest trespass committed against me during “Jersey Boys” is that arguably the entire film is Frankie Valle’s story, and we hear from the other members of the Four Seasons, but never from him. That was what kept me going, this idea that I am hearing Valle’s story from his band member’s where arguably he is just a supporting character. Then with five minutes left before the credits, Frankie, speaks directly to the audience. A beautiful narrative device is destroyed and the film is left as a two hour waste of time.

2. Dear White People
Seen 10/29/2014 with Dayle Decker

All of these people are giving Justin Simien praise for his film, must not have seen it, because “Dear White People” is a mess. When the film doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be, how am I as an audience member possibly supposed to interpret it. The worst part of “Dear White People” is that there are some moments of real beauty present in the film, but they are so few and far between that they come across as dumb luck, instead of an actual representation of talent. The moment that really stuck with me was the film major’s teacher giving her crap for her article comparing the gremlins from “Gremlins” to the encroachment of black people into a predominantly white suburb. This is a belief that has been championed since the film came out in 1984, yet the film teacher seems to have never come across it before in his experiences, because he is very dismissive of the idea, when he should as a teacher be upset that his student is basically just plagiarizing a popular idea without adding anything new to it. A film is allowed to build a world, and probably should if you want it to be an enjoyable distraction, yet when the world being built just makes characters stupid for the sake of plot, that’s not doing anybody any favors. The praise Simien has received will probably mean he gets to make another film, and I hope that he is able to focus in on presenting a cohesive story instead of a mish-mashed collage of ideas and ideals.

1. The Skeleton Twins
Seen 9/27/2014 with Dayle Decker

This is another film that was just a straight up mess, the only reason why is ranks as my worst movie of the year over “Dear White People” is because it didn’t even have to courtesy to maintain a sense of continuity for the characters let alone the plot. I’m still asking myself three months after seeing “The Skeleton Twins” how old the characters are supposed to be. Based on some of the comments made in the script it would be believable that they were in their late twenties or early thirties, but both of the actors portraying them are in their forties. Now I fully believe that age doesn’t have to play a factor when casting, but if you are going to cast someone that much older than the script cites, either adjust the script to make it believable or make sure that the actors can be believable in the roles they have been cast as. Worst of all is that I didn’t believe them as siblings, and since that is kind of the crux of the film, it just ruins the entire experience. I know a lot of people liked it and it got high praise from critics, but they must have seen a different film than I did, because “The Skeleton Twins” I saw was a complete piece of garbage.

There you have it the films that I though were the best and absolute worst film of 2014 in my estimation. If you agree or disagree again please feel free to let me know, because the only thing better than watching movies is talking about movies



This is the culmination of the entire month of codes. Today’s code is one I wanted to share many many many times. It would have been the easiest code to use on those days when I couldn’t think of a single code to use. Instead of falling back on this code I instead dug through my entire collection to find a game with a code that was worthwhile, and sometimes I wouldn’t even find that (again I direct the attention of the class to Cybernator). Still somehow I was able to make it through the first Twenty-Seven days of the month and save this code for day Twenty-Eight.

Day Twenty-Eight


1986 / Various

The Konami Code

Code: “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start”

This phenomenon of the Konami code began with the NES port of Konami’s Gradius. During play testing the game was deemed to hard so the programmers added a code which when entered while the game was paused gave the player a full-set of power ups. Fortunately for the annals of gaming history those same programmers forgot to remove the code and thus the most influential code in all of Video Games was born… The Konami Code.

Though the code had its start in Gradius it didn’t receive real notoriety until the release of another arcade port to the NES: Contra. Again playing an arcade game built to coax the quarters out of the pockets of America’s youth was somewhat lackluster on a home console, luckily with the use of the Konami Code you could go from the measly Three lives that was initially given at the start of the arcade game, you could start off the game with Thirty lives which is more than enough to give the forces of Red Falcon a run for their money. Not only that but the code could be utilized in a Two-Player game by adding in the Select button before hitting Start on the title screen.

After Contra the Konami Code or small variations thereof found themselves in video games across almost all of the platforms from appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time on the SNES to be able to choose to start the game with 10 lives in the options menu. Castlevania: Bloodlines on Genesis to access expert mode. Nemesis on Game Boy will give the player full options. The code has even been adapted to be be entered on the Nintendo Wii, Playstation and TurboGrafx 16, with “B” and “A” being replaced by “1” and “2,” “O” and “X,” and “II” and “I” respectively. Perhaps my favorite is in the Game Boy Advance Castlevania title Harmony of Dissonance  where entering the code would allow you to play as the original Destroyer of Dracula Simon Belmont in the Boss Rush Mode.

In fact calling the code the Konami Code could almost be considered obsolete as the code has now become so ingrained in the American Culture that it is now featured in games that aren’t produced by Konami in Homage. There are also a number of websites on the internet that will yield interesting results if you enter the code on them, substituting the Enter Key for Start.

Truly the Konami Code is one that has had a long lasting effect on the entire topography of gaming. In fact this month February 2012 Twenty-Six years after Gradius was released on NES the code was featured in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS where entering the code will unlock access to touch screen selection in the PES shop.

The next time you play yourself a video game then take the time to enter the Konami Code, you never know what it might unlock and you will be taking Four seconds to show your respect and admiration for the history of gaming.

To start today’s post I will take 5 minutes to make a list, in order, to the best of my ability.

And 7:13 PM Go!


  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Ivysau
  3. Venusaur
  4. Charmander
  5. Charmeleon
  6. Charizard
  7. Squirtle
  8. Wartortle
  9. Blastoise
  10. Caterpie
  11. Metapod
  12. Butterfree
  13. Weedle
  14. Kakuna
  15. Beedrill
  16. Magikarp
  17. Gyrados
  18. Nidoran
  19. Nidorina
  20. Nidoqueen
  21. Nidorino
  22. Nidoking
  23. Zubat
  24. Golbat
  25. Geodude
  26. Growler
  27. Golem
  28. Macho
  29. Dratini
  30. Dragonaire
  31. Dragonite
  32. Articuno
  33. Zapdos
  34. Moltres
  35. Mewtwo
  36. Mew




And Time!

Now that is sad to show just how sad it is I will now supply a list of all the original 151 Pokemon in Pokedex order.

1. Bulbasaur
2. Ivysaur
3. Venusaur
4. Charmander
5. Charmeleon
6. Charizard
7. Squirtle
8. Wartortle
9. Blastoise
10. Caterpie
11. Metapod
12. Butterfree
13. Weedle
14. Kakuna
15. Beedrill
16. Pidgey
17. Pidgeotto
18. Pidgeot
19. Rattata
20. Raticate
21. Spearow
22. Fearow
23. Ekans
24. Arbok
25. Pikachu
26. Raichu
27. Sandshrew
28. Sandslash
29. Nidoran (Female)
30. Nidorina
31. Nidoqueen
32. Nidoran (Male)
33. Nidorino
34. Nidoking
35. Clefairy
36. Clefable
37. Vulpix
38. Ninetales
39. Jigglypuff
40. Wigglytuff
41. Zubat
42. Golbat
43. Oddish
44. Gloom
45. Vileplume
46. Paras
47. Parasect
48. Venonat
49. Venomoth
50. Diglett
51. Dugtrio
52. Meowth
53. Persian
54. Psyduck
55. Golduck
56. Mankey
57. Primeape
58. Growlithe
59. Arcanine
60. Poliwag
61. Poliwhirl
62. Poliwrath
63. Abra
64. Kadabra
65. Alakazam
66. Machop
67. Machoke
68. Machamp
69. Bellsprout
70. Weepinbell
71. Victreebel
72. Tentacool
73. Tentacruel
74. Geodude
75. Graveler
76. Golem
77. Ponyta
78. Rapidash
79. Slowpoke
80. Slowbro
81. Magnemite
82. Magneton
83. Farfetch’d
84. Doduo
85. Dodrio
86. Seel
87. Dewgong
88. Grimer
89. Muk
90. Shellder
91. Cloyster
92. Gastly
93. Haunter
94. Gengar
95. Onix
96. Drowzee
97. Hypno
98. Krabby
99. Kingler
100. Voltorb
101. Electrode
102. Exeggcute
103. Exeggutor
104. Cubone
105. Marowak
106. Hitmonlee
107. Hitmonchan
108. Lickitung
109. Koffing
110. Weezing
111. Rhyhorn
112. Rhydon
113. Chansey
114. Tangela
115. Kangaskhan
116. Horsea
117. Seadra
118. Goldeen
119. Seaking
120. Staryu
121. Starmie
122. Mr. Mime
123. Scyther
124. Jynx
125. Electabuzz
126. Magmar
127. Pinsir
128. Tauros
129. Magikarp
130. Gyrados
131. Lapras
132. Ditto
133. Eevee
134. Vaporeon
135. Jolteon
136. Flareon
137. Porygon
138. Omanyte
139. Omastar
140. Kabuto
141. Kabutops
142. Aerodactyl
143. Snorlax
144. Articuno
145. Zapdos
146. Moltres
147. Dratini
148. Dragonair
149. Dragonite
150. Mewtwo
151. Mew

I suppose when you look at how many I got in correct order then it could have been a lot more sad I got 23 out of 151 That number could have been higher and that would have been sad.

All of this now done we can move to the actual code of the day. As you may have guessed its from the original Pokemon

Day Twenty – Six

Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version

1999 / Gameboy

99+ Of any item.

In order to take advantage of this code you need to have access to HM 2 Fly, HM 3 Surf, and Cinnabar Island. Then do the following:

First: Put the item you wish to duplicate in the sixth slot in your inventory, and make sure you have a pokemon that knows Fly, a pokemon that knows surf, and preferably a pokemon with a high speed stat as your lead off.

Second: Fly to Viridian City and go to leave via the northmost exit. Before you leave located to your left you will see an old man.

Third: Speak to this old man and he will ask if you are in a hurry, answer No and he will teach you how to catch pokemon. Watch his entire demonstration.

Fourth: Fly to Cinnabar Island, then walk to the east coast and surf directly along the coast, do not go out into the deeper water. Surf up and down the coast until a battle activates.

Five: When the battle commences it should either be a high level pokemon or a glitchy looking rectangle man named M. Either run or battle.

Six: Once the battle is over go to your inventory and check the sixth item, it should show a glitchy looking symbol in the Right hand column, this indicates that you have more than Ninety-Nine items in stock. As you use items this will eventually show Ninety-Nine and will then go down numerical accordingly.

This can be used to quickly level your pokemon if you duplicate Rare Candy and it will mean that you can have a never ending supplies of Master Balls.

There you go ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the code and happy hunting and remember


  1. Nidorina
  2. Nidoqueen

It’s Friday Night and I just got paid, I don’t have time to sit and type about a code its time for HYPERMODE

Day Twenty-Four

Guitar Hero 2

2006 / PS2

Enable Hyper Mode

Code: At the title menu hit these keys in the following order:

“Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue Orange Yellow”


O Boy! O Boy!

Some say it makes the game harder, some say it makes the game easier. All I know is that it makes the notes move faster on the scrolling fret bar. If you ever enable and then want to disable it (without shutting off the system) just enter the code again.

O Boy! O Boy!

There’s the code of the day, now go enjoy your evening. Me? I got places to do and people to go. GOODNIGHT!



After the lengthy rant I went on yesterday I decided that today I would keep it simple today. Thus I present

Day Twenty-Three

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

1996 / SNES

Access Cheat Code Entry

Code: At the game select screen highlight the game you want to cheat on and then enter ” ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘R’, ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘R’, ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘L’, ‘R’ ”

This is cheat code I only ever used once. Truth is I only know this code because I was flipping through a Nintendo Power Magazine while shopping at Stop and Shop and there in the “Classified Information” pages was this little gem. In order to commit it to memory I put the code to a little ditty, or to be relevant should I say diddy. Either way I had already cleared Donkey Kong Country 3 with 103% so I didn’t feel bad using a cheat code.  Unfortunately when I got home I remembered the code to access cheat entry, but sadly only remembered one cheat code: “MERRY”

The “MERRY” code was unique in that it makes all of the Bonus Levels Christmas themed. There’s Christmastized background music and the stars that are required to be collected in some Bonus Stages  have been swapped out Christmas ornaments. Though I think stars are more Christmas themed but who am I?

I know that other codes exist, in fact the magazine listed them all, but I couldn’t for the life of you tell you what they are. I’m sure a quick Google search or visit to Gamefaqs would be able to share some more codes with you. For now I’ll stick to “MERRY”. It just makes me feel, I don’t know, merry?


Anyone who has been in regular contact with me over the past week will be able to attest to the fact that I have been stricken with a case of Shell Shock. Friends, Relatives, Co-Workers, Strangers on the Street, that guy who works at the Comic Book store (You know the one) would all stand up and testify that I have been more obssessed with the Ninja Turtles than even Oroku “The Shredder” Saki. I have bought something like Fourteen back issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books (FROM THE EIGHTIES!) and best of all I’ve only spent like Twenty Dollars doing it.

Today is especially exciting because it is the first week of what I am personally calling Ninja Six-Pack. The reason is that starting today and for the the next Five weeks there will be Five brand new Ninja Turtles comic books released. This makes me giddy as a school girl, because it means that I will be given an even bigger chance to feed my addiction.

It was only a matter of time before this Tumultuous Tsunami of Terrapin Love was able to smash through into Codesmas and have an effect on the code of the day. When I was reading one of my back issues yesterday and saw a two page splash advertisement for this game then I knew I could no longer deny my true feelings. Without further ado let the Onslaught of Obsession continue!

Day Twenty-Two

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project

1992 / Nintendo Entertainment System

Auto-Select Mode

Code: Press “Down’ Five times on the turtle select screen to enable Auto Mode

This code is a strange one, and one that will definately require some explanation. The third arcade style game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, brought us Shell Heads the best of both worlds. Like the first it allowed you to switch turtles whenever one was defeated and like the second game it was actually playable. Not to mention the third game introduced a slew of chracters that had only ever been represented as toys or at most in one episode of the show. In my opinion the Manhatten Project truly represents the pinnacle of Ninja Turtles games.

As I had stated the game let’s you choose whether you stick with the same turtle or switch to another whenever one of them dies. Now I will allows choose Raphael, he’s the best, unfortunately in the video games he can be hit or miss as a character. Usually he deals out the most damage, but also sustains the most. Another reason why I like The Manhattan Project so much is its difficulty and even though I am a die hard Team Raph fan, I can admit that there are some parts that require a character who might dish it out hard but can at least take some serious damage. This means its nice to be able to switch your turtle, sometimes though having choice can be a scary thing, especially when your choices are so limited. If you don’t use the epitome of bad-assery that is Raphael then what are you left with: A Tool, A Nerd, and A Stoner more commonly known as Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Its a difficult choice, luckily that is where Auto select comes into play. When you activate Auto-Select then when your Turtle of choice goes up to that big Terrarium in the sky then instead of being stuck with the difficult choice of picking which Turtle to continue, the game does the heavy lifting for you. Its like having your Pizza and eating it too. What more sometimes auto mode will give you the same Turtle you were just playing as.  The code can even be activated if you have a second player coming along for the ride, the only difference is you will need to press “Down” Ten times instead of Five.


The Tool

The Bad Ass

The Stoner

The Nerd

Now that we’ve gotten all of that business about the code of the day out of the way I would like to pontificate for a while on why I enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project so much. While at first glance it is easy to put the blame on the inclusion of such characters as:



And who could forget

Head Spinning Bebop!

The game also includes the best plot line ever for a Ninja Turtles game. Check this the Ninja Turtles are enjoying their  vacation on a beach in Florida, yet like the good little April Fanboys that they are they still tune in for her Local new report.
I’m gonna pull a Zack Morris and say TIME OUT! I can get past the Turtles being on vacation in Florida, that doesn’t bother in the least, I mean the Punk Frog episodes take place in Florida so clearly they are able to freely move across state lines as mutated Turtles. The problem I have is that they are somehow able to get Channel Six New York’s broadcast in Florida. There is no way that April would be on a national broadcast TIME IN!
Its a good thing that they did because it is this exact moment that Shedder decides he is going to enact his most heinous crime yet, he not only kidnaps April, but the entire city of Manhattan as well, by causing it to lift from the sea and float in the sky.  He then challenges the Turtles to come and take them both back ( Think of how embarassing it would have been for him had the Turtles not been watching, Seriously!) The Turtles then start out on what is sure to be a long hard battle.

That's what she said?

The game then starts as most TMNT games do, it gets really good though once you get to the end of the level and hear their plan for getting back to New York.

They are going to surf, they intend to surf all the way from Florida to Manhattan, clearly this wasn’t Donatello’s plan. Luckily he gets his voice heard at about the midpoint of Scene 2 and they board an Battleship that will take them the rest of the way to Manhattan, except for the vertical part, they are going to have to figure some other way to do that, Battleships can’t fly.

From there the game is pretty much your standard Ninja Turtles game there is the Bridge Level, The Sewer Level, The Level in Space, The Technodrome level. Still screw The original Arcade game and Turtles in Time this is the game that deserves a remake. A Remake for real!

The Twenty-First day of the month is upon us, you know what that means, I can now drink while I blog. Today I’m enjoying a lovely Gin and Vodka in my Tiny Mason Jar. The significance of the beverage is nonexistent however the code of the day is perhaps the most significant I have found all Codesmas long.

Day Twenty-One

P.O.W. Prisoners of War

1989 / Nintendo Entertainment System

Start the game with 21 Lives

Code: At the Title Screen Enter: A, B, B, Up, Up, Down, Left, Start

Can you believe it? A code that gives you Twenty-one lives from the start of the game. Honestly, a perfect code for the Twenty-First day of the month. I had wanted to use this code earlier in the month, then as I remembered what the results were and had the sad realization that I would have to find another code for the day (I’m looking at you Cybernator!) Finally the day is upon us that I can share a code from another game that truly holds a place in my heart.

See P.O.W. is representative of when I moved from Leominster, Massachusetts to Templeton, Massachusetts. I went down to the video game rental store, Paradise Video, for one last goodbye and this game was on sale for only $5. That’s was the cost of a rental, and I could have the game for the rest of my life (well until I traded it to Funcoland, for far less than its worth, so I guess a thank you to Cybernator as well). I bought the game and it was the first game I played when I had arrived in our new home.

Since I have beaten the game more times than I can count, and now I can do it without the use of this code. Though if it is your first time stepping into the shoes of the heroic Prisoners of War then you can’t go wrong using  the code to insure that you will make it to the end of their harrowing journey.

Well I’m out of drink so its time for this post to end. Before we go though, just take a look at that life counter, its so HAPPY!