Since, I started this endeavor a dozen days ago, this has become one of my favorite parts of the day. After all of the hectic things between work, and shopping, and whatever else happens to stumble into my day. It is nice to take a drive to the Dunkin Donuts up the road, take the money that has been given from me from the cup I keep it in an order a coffee. I then sit down, begin to drink it, and take a few moments to ruminate on the subject which the commissioner has given me.

                Today’s is a real doozy of a humdinger, that made me instantly happy when I heard it, and that left feeling confused about how I would produce something based on it. See it was very simple what Lori G. asked me to do, she told me her personal goal is that by the end of the day she has had a positive effect on somebody else, then asked me to explore that idea. To be honest I thought that would be easy, especially when one considers that I try to live a happy life, and believe that one of the easiest ways to make yourself happy is to brighten the day of somebody else.

                Yet despite my own personal philosophy lining up with Lori’s, I was finding it difficult to think of something to write. Then just as my puzzler had begun to grow sore, it hit me. While I said that I completed my Christmas shopping last night, in truth there was one item I was unable to find, that I was able to use the internet to track down in North Kingstown. That meant that as much as I wanted to just go home enjoy a lovely meal of Chinese Food, and spend a quiet night at home with the family. I was instead going to have to disregard the warning of the man on the radio and brave humanity.

                On the surface this didn’t bother me. As a habitual last minute shopper, I am used to navigating crowds of people hoping to pick up that one last gift. In fact not to brag or be bold I have actually gotten quite good at weaving in and out of the throngs of humanity, getting the items I need, and picking the fastest moving checkout line. Tonight though, with the message of Lori fresh in my mind, my excursion was somehow different, tonight I noticed something about my fellow shoppers.

                That stunning revelation is that none of them were smiling, which one might think is usually the case, but let’s pause for a moment to consider the situation fully… It makes some sense for a person to be less than happy out shopping on some random Tuesday in August, the autumn is about to start, the summer months are behind us, its beginning to get darker earlier. There is a myriad of external forces working against your mood. This should not be the case two days before Christmas. If anything the spirit of the season should be so infectious that even though there are long lines, people everywhere, and you couldn’t get the shirt in the exact color you wanted, you still have a smile on your face because Christmas is a coming and the geese are getting fat. Still everyone I saw looked miserable, there existed no smiles, only frowns as the stress of the holiday season weighed down upon them.

                It was a bit sad, when you consider that Christmas is supposed to be a season of goodwill and cheer. A time when you are out in the world purchasing items to make your fellow man smile, and thus bolster your own mood as well, at least that it what I always thought it should. Yet as I look out on the world around me it feels as if Christmas has just become another obligation, like school or work. It is with this in mind that I decided what I would write tonight.

                It’s simple everybody, Christmas is the epitome of doing something for someone else to try and brighten their day. It’s where the phrase “it’s not what you get, it’s what you give,” comes from. Christmas is the one time where people are not only allowed to be kind and generous to one another but encouraged to be. If we could all take the time to remember that, and to smile while out in the world getting the perfect gift for that certain someone, maybe some of the malaise which seems to have recently become to associated with the Christmas season will begin to lift. Then if we’re really lucky people will recognize the joy that comes with acting that way, and it will begin to bleed into other facets of our lives and then it won’t just be mine or Lori Gardiner’s goal to try and better the life of someone each day, but everybody’s. Can you imagine a world where everybody was trying to good for everyone else, now that would truly be a gift worth giving!   


Wow, what a crazy weekend it has been. I do apologize for the lack of coffee commission, but I have been very busy over the last two days and this is the first time I was able to get to my computer to post. Not only that, but I wasn’t even able to pick up coffee ,even though I have two commission pending, and if I’m not drinking the sweet caffeinated beverage that America apparently runs on then it means I’m not writing.

Yesterday I wrapped on location filming for the film I mentioned a week ago. This whole thing is very close to being complete, only needing two more scenes filmed both of which don’t feature dialogue. It is truly exciting that despite all of the setbacks and delays we are so close to the finish line. “Northwood” is the name of this picture, and I’m sure I’ll be posting all sorts of information as soon as the film is done and submitted to the film festival.

In addition to filming yesterday, I spent the three hours before the shoot helping my Mother prepare for the annual Decker Family Solstice party. The best part about helping set up is that upon returning home I was able to reap the rewards of the food and beverage that was available to the guests. After the party, I went to a birthday celebration where I finally saw the entirety of “Christmas Vacation” and watched one of my favorite Christmas films (and holiday prerequisite viewing) “Die Hard” there was also a copious amount of alcohol imbibed by all in attendance and I didn’t return back home until (Big Apple) 3:00 AM, totaling twenty-one hours of solid consciousness.

Then today, I took part in what I thought was a well-known Devon Decker tradition, of shopping for all my Christmas gifts on the twenty-second of December. I’ve been doing it since 2005, but as my Sister wasn’t aware of it, I am beginning to wonder if it truly is an established fact that I wait until three days to Christmas to finally go shopping.

Before the shopping though I took care of the unfinished business that was making Dayle, watch “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and then going to the cinema to see my fifty-fifth unique film in the theatre “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Overall I thought it was a very good film, but I kind of wish the last twenty minutes had played out differently. Still I say go see it and judge for yourself. Especially since Steve Carell, who was undoubtedly the best part of the first film somehow turned his performance up to eleven and gets the prestige of being the MVP in the sequel as well.

After that I thought I might get a chance to sit down drink a cup and write a little something, but when a college friend is in town from Ohio and invites you to play some billiards, you say yes! I quickly joined my friends and played some great games of pool and had some laughs as we spoke of the past. We also firmed up plans for something special I hope will become the norm going into the New Year, but again more information when it becomes available.

There you have it readers, a succinct reason for the lack of new material this week. Since I do want to reward you for finding this page I will include a little something written long ago that I hope you will enjoy.  Even though I never sent this letter, it seems appropriate because I just recently made very public my love of the Canadian television show “Being Erica”

February 27th, 2011

Dear Jana Sinyor,

I am writing because I am a huge fan of your show “Being Erica.” Ever since I saw a promo for this one of a kind show on Soapnet I was intrigued. At the time the second season had already started and it seemed impossible for me to see the first season. As we tend to do in this modern age I turned to the internet and found that it had been released on DVD. I was ecstatic at my good fortune, but this feeling of ecstasy quickly waned as I realized it wasn’t available for sale in America. I planned a trip to a Fry’s Electronics in Toronto to pick myself up a copy, but was unable to fulfill these plans and I thought my desire to watch the show was might just remain as such. Then I did another thing that has become common place in the modern world, I went to Amazon, the American site, didn’t have it available for sale, but a quick visit to, proved to be fruitful and I finally found a copy of the show that I would be able to purchase. When I received my purchase, I sat down and watched the entire series and loved every moment of it. The show I had only invented expectations for ended up not only living up to them, but exceeding them. Initially I had only been interested in the show because of the concept, a woman traveling into her past in order to better her future. After watching the first season I realized that it was so much more than that. Not only was the time travel much more than I had imagined, the characters were realistic, the writing was superb, and the comedy was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. In fact the moment I always reflect to my friends about the first season is when Erica performed “Hit Me Baby One More Time” in the fourth episode, it was a beautiful and hilarious moment, which was only perfected by Erica’s rationalization of why it wouldn’t be a problem to Dr. Tom. After finishing the first season, I was excited to watch the second season on Soapnet. When I tuned to the channel for an episode I was surprised to see that it was episode 9 of the first season “Everything She Wants.” Being as it is one of my favorite episodes of the first season, I decided to watch it again, and am I glad I did. On that day I realized that despite appearing on a cable network, in order to protect our fragile American sensibilities they edit the crap out of the American broadcasts of the show. I decided despite wanting to spend more time with the characters who had so endeared themselves to me as soon as possible, and finally having the mystery of Dr. Naadiah solved. I would reserve myself to waiting for the release of the Second season on DVD. I finally got the second season in November and devoured it. I was especially impressed by how Erica’s relationship with Ethan played out. Unlike most shows, where the romance that you’ve been waiting an entire season for finally happens, their relationship didn’t stop the show from growing, in fact I don’t think the second season would have been half as good as it was if you hadn’t finally taken a realistic approach to their relationship. The fact that they wound up breaking up in the end was not only a believable choice in the realm of the show, but also something I was completely surprised by. Most media today thinks that a love story is necessary for any project, and to have these two characters that everybody was rooting to get together in the first season, end their relationship with one another completely by the end of the second, was compelling television. I wasn’t only surprised by that, but also by how the subject of Dr. Tom was dealt with. In a show called Being Erica, I was nervous that the past of her physician would be dealt with in one self-contained episode, especially when the first episode of the season was called “Being Dr. Tom.” Instead that episode only created more questions about our favorite therapist, that would only be partially answered, and even then in small bits throughout the rest of the season, still leaving further answers to be found in future seasons. I now wait eagerly for the DVD release of the third season. While I have found and watched it already on the internet, I do apologize, but I couldn’t contain my curiosity at what might happen after the amazing closing of the second season, and then finding out there was already a completed third season available to watch. Also huge kudos are due for the ninth episode of season three, talk about a game changer, and all of that happened before the theme song, caught me completely by surprise and yet didn’t feel forced or out of place.  Still when the DVD is released, I imagine sometime in September, I will log onto that day, wherever I may be (I ordered season two, while having lunch in St. Maarten) and order myself a copy. I will then hunker down and watch through all three seasons again, because my enjoyment of this show is just that strong. Now enough doting and onto the real reason why I am writing you, a request: Yesterday I stumbled across the dual news that Being Erica has been renewed for a fourth season in Canada, and also that the fourth season will be the last. In addition to this I also read your statement that the fourth season will answer all of the questions that have been left unanswered. I was super excited and a little saddened to hear that the fourth will be the last season, but in addition to these feelings I was also inspired. I don’t and won’t pretend to know how casting or finding extras works for television shows, but I wanted to write you and see if there is any way that I can appear in the fourth season of Being Erica. I don’t want to be a main character, I don’t want to say something on camera, all I want is to be visible enough in background action that one day when I’m watching the final season of Being Erica on DVD with friends I could pause and say and there I am, that’s me ordering a coffee in the background of one of my favorite television shows. I figured there its free to make a request and that there’s no harm in asking, and if you’ll forgive the cliché, I think I would regret it if I didn’t take the time to write you this letter. I appreciate your time and wish you and your team all of the luck in the world with the fourth season. I would also like to thank you for creating such groundbreaking television. I am a creative minded person, and seeing that something so quirky and fun and so unlike the norms of conventional television not only made it to the airwaves but continues to be successful, inspires me to actual follow some of my own goals in life and gives me hope that audiences might also be receptive to my own work. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon.


Devon D. Decker

                Now is the time when I write the commission for my Father. His request was very simple do something in regards to his favorite thing about Christmas the “Little Drummer Boy!” Now admittedly I don’t think I have ever really listened to the song or watched the old Rankin Bass TV special, so in order to do today’s commission I had to do some actual research. To my surprise aside from all the religious malarkey, I think this is probably one of the best songs to represent not only the season of Christmas but the entire holiday season.

                Let’s start with the beginning, you have this unnamed group of people, probably the Three Wisemen: Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar, coming up to this kid on the street with a drum. They tell him that they are on their way to visit a new born king and invite him along for the journey.  Aside from the lazy lyricism of “A newborn king to see… / Our finest gifts we bring… / To set before the king…,” (though I suppose the lyrics deserve a pass because the song is primarily “Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum” repeated ad nauseum) the first verse speaks universally to that feeling of having to go from place to place even though you don’t really want to. The Little Drummer Boy doesn’t know who these guys are, he has no reason to journey with them to meet a baby monarch, and yet out of a sick sense of obligation he accompanies them on their journey, knowing that perhaps he will have a terrible time but hey at least it gets him out of the house.

                By the time we get to the second verse we have the titular character of the song, faced with meeting who we all know as Jesus Christ.  Yet the Little Drummer Boy does not treat him any differently due to the status he has been told he holds by his traveling companions. In fact gazing upon the child born in a manger surrounded by animals and their waste, he decides to focus on that which he and the Baby Jesus have in common. He confesses that like the child he too is poor, and as a result unlikts ti e the three kings he is traveling with he does not bring precious metals, elegant fragrances, and fancy spices. In fact he brings nothing with which to honor the child besides his presence. While most people look at this whole exchange as a negative since he isn’t giving anything, I like the Drummer Boy, choose to focus on the positive, which is sort of a theme of the entire Christmas season. The rest of the year we as a society choose to focus on the differences that exist between one another, but during the holidays we choose instead to focus on what links us together as a species. We acknowledge that all we really want is to be loved and shown that other people care about us. The issue is that we unfortunately views material objects as the only way to show this affection, when really a wind word and phrase should be enough, or as the drummer boy does by displaying a learned skill for him.

                The final verse, is where the sing starts to go pear shaped. The child who is at the most twelve days old nods in agreement that he would like the drummer boy to play for him. Then the Ox and Lamb keep time for him, which is strange because the whole point of a drum is to keep time, so why he would need two animals to keep time for him. Plus how is it that these animals are keeping time, are they mooing and bleating, wouldn’t that detract from the act of the boy drumming? From there the boy *SPOILERS* plays his drum *END SPOILERS,* which one could probably assume considering the title. The boy admits that he give it his all in performing for this child and as a response the baby then smiles at him and his drum. I really focus on the opening of this verse, and how it echoes that statement from Marge in this week’s episode of “The Simpsons” that after the first verse Christmas songs star to get weird. There is one thing that I truly enjoy, and that is the fact that the Little Drummer Boy admits to giving his best in his performance, because at the end of the day that is all we should really be expected to do during the holidays. Give our best to those we have to interact with and hope that in the end they can smile with us.

                The beauty of this song is truly in its longevity. I fully believe that it may be due to the fact that there is a conspiracy propagated by old men from Texas, since both my Father and Hank Hill claim that the Little Drummer Boy is their favorite parts about Christmas. Even outside of that, is the simple fact that the idea of a person drumming is such a great thing that it is the ultimate gift given in the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”  That is why I feel  that if you haven’t taken the time to experience the Little Drummer Boy then I think Christmas 2013 is a perfect place to start.

     I learned something very very important today. Alcohol should only be used as a crutch when dealing with something emotionally or physically traumatic OR as a victory beverage for a job well done.

     Unfortunately I learned this because I got a regular old hot chocolate today and when I got home I Irished it up with some Bailey’s. It was delicious, but after that all of my ambition to accomplish something vanished and I spend the rest of the evening eating tacos, watching bad sitcoms, and playing Pokémon.

      Fortunately I was the one who paid for my hot chocolate today, since I foolishly left the commission money I received today at home when I went out Christmas and food shopping. This means that I don’t owe a true commission to anybody, and that I can use this as an opportunity to preach on the proper time to imbibe alcohol.

     Now let’s review.

Dealing with the lose of a limb?

 – Have a drink

Coping with the loss of the girl you loved?

 – Have a drink or two (or four)

Won the championship Hockey Game?

 – Drink, Drink, and Drink some more

Have to write a significant Blog Post?

 – Don’t even think of a drink

    Well there you have it until next time I’m Devon Decker, telling you to drink often and responsibly… GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK

                It’s been a busy day, we got the tree for the Decker house, did some shopping, and picked up the new comic books. Still after it all I was looking forward to sitting down with my cup of blueberry coffee and writing a little something. Today I will be tackling piece commissioned by my buddy Brandon.

The Perfect Patient

                Today was the day that psychiatrist Nathan Weeks was going to be meeting his new patient. Despite having been in the field of psychiatric medicine for the past two decades, Dr. Weeks was excited to meet his newest patient. On some level he felt as if he should already know them, after all the former doctor handling the case had sent over their file and Nathan had spent the last three weeks committing every little detail to memory.  Still here he was about to meet them for the first time and he felt as giddy as a school boy.

                Perhaps it was the secrecy involved in the whole thing that had sparked these feelings inside of the good doctor. Unlike his other clients, who met him in his office, as was common practice. This was going to be a house call. The woman who had secured his services, made it very clear that this was the only way Nathan could retain her employer as a client, and despite it being well outside of his comfort zone, his curiosity had overwhelmed his better judgment and he agreed to the terms of employment. He was given strict instructions that a driver would arrive at his office promptly at 10:55 that morning and take him to the client’s home. Glancing at the clock on his mantle he saw that it was now six minutes till eleven and knew that his ride would soon arrive.

                As the clock moved forward to 10:55 a large man burst into his office and in one swift motion a hood had been place over his head and entered a syringe into his arm. Before he could even grasp what was happening Nathan was out cold and being carried into the car downstairs. As soon as his limp form was placed in the backseat, the man took a seat beside him. He made a nod of acknowledgement to the driver and they departed.

                When Nathan awoke he could tell from the sensation that wherever he was it was in motion. He tried to get his bearings, but with his vision plotted out by the hood it was impossible. When the large man became aware of the fact that the psychiatrist had regained consciousness, he prepared another syringe and explained that due to the identity of the client he would need to be kept in the dark as to the location of their home. With that he apologized for the inconvenience before plunging the needle into his arm and sending him back into a deep sleep.

                The next sensation that Dr. Weeks felt was the hood being removed from his head. As he groggily regained his senses, it became clear that he was standing in an elevator. To either side stood a large man in an expensive suit wearing sunglasses, the one to his right again apologized for everything that he had experienced so far, and assured him the worst of it had past. Nathan nodded his head in agreement, and before he could begin to think of doing anything else the elevator had arrived at its destination.  The men in suits led him out and he was greeted by a woman. She introduced herself as the one whom he had spoken with on the phone, and again offered her most sincere apologies for everything that Nathan had experienced today. She then went on to further extend the explanation that again it was due to the high profile of her employer that such drastic measures were required to maintain absolute confidentiality.

                Nathan acknowledged this information and offered that based upon the records he had received he understood that the patient was someone of influence, but that he had never expected something like this. The woman laughed and coyly remarked “you have no idea the influence they have,” and proceeded to guide him down the hallway.

                As they walked the woman further vetted the psychiatrist, asking him about the most intimate details of the patient records. Nathan explained that he was aware that the patient suffered from extreme schizophrenia and that they had grown tired of the last doctor’s methods and that is why they had been forced to retain another doctor’s services. The woman seemed impressed by how easily Dr. Weeks rattled off this information, soon they had arrived at a door which she removed a key to unlock. The suited men took up a post on either side of the door, and the woman gestured for the psychiatrist to enter. She followed him and locked the door behind them.

                In the room, the woman informed Nathan that as they were now alone she could explain the most important aspect of her employer. The truth was that while on the surface they may seem like an average person their mood and emotions held sway over the entire global economy. Nathan uncomfortably chuckled at this, but the woman assured him it was the truth. Her employer was directly tied to the ebb and flow of the international stock exchange, and unfortunately this meant that unless the schizophrenia was kept in check the entire world could be plunged into bankruptcy. Putting on a stern resolve Nathan acknowledged what the woman had told him, and indicated that he was ready to assume the responsibility of keeping the stock market in line. The woman seemed satisfied with his response and crossed the room to unlock another door.

                Once inside Dr. Weeks couldn’t help but smile. After reading the files he had surmised that perhaps this client and their various outbursts of insanity were linked to the stock exchange, especially since the recorded dates of activity seemed to link up with the dips in the market. As he introduced himself to the patient with a “Hello Mr. Jones, where shall we begin today?” he smiled a secret smile to himself because he knew that if he played his cards correctly he quite possibly could have found the perfect patient.

As I mentioned on my non-post from Sunday I was able to pick up three commissions on set that day, which is amazing for two reasons. Mostly because it means I haven’t had to look for commissioners the past two days, but as an added bonus, it gave me a little bit of time to think about what it was I was asked to write and really get into the proper mindset. This was especially helpful when it came to today’s topic because, well, I was more than a little perplexed by what I would do. Then like a bolt of lightning it struck me, the perfect way to write a story about a homo…. Wait a minute, if I tell you what it’s about then you’ll already know the ending, and where’s the fun in that?

Reservations for Party of Doom

                As grizzled detective Nick Graham arrived on the scene he could already feel the fatigue setting in. This wasn’t the first death to have taken place at a fancy restaurant this week, let alone this month. Each time despite hundreds of witnesses and plenty of suspects the investigation always ended the same way, with a lack of conclusive evidence. Even though every detective on the scene would come to the same consensus, Nick as the head investigator on the case would be held responsible by his lieutenant, and the man in charge was not happy that with an apparent serial killer on the loose, Nick and his fellow detectives always came back empty handed.

Even if he hadn’t been catching flack from the man upstairs, Nick knew he would still be looking for the link between these obviously connected deaths. Each time the M.O. was the same, a rich man, with an attractive wife, would wind up dead in the middle of his meal at one of the more upscale restaurants in the city. The cause of death always came back as inconclusive from the coroner’s office. These men didn’t appear to have been poisoned, and though asphyxiation appeared to be the most likely cause of death, the bodies lacked any signs of strangulation, discounting the fact that even if the life had been extinguished through these means each restaurant was full of patrons who would account that one minute he was eating his meal and the next he lay dead face down on the table with no signs of a struggle.

Since the cause of death eluded him, Detective Graham had the medical examiners run further tests to see if the victims had any allergies which would have accounted for such a swift death. Excepting one of the victims showing an allergy to bees, his hunch had returned nothing. The only thing he had left to cling to was the fact that all of these restaurants had cloth napkins. Perhaps there was some connection there, but he would have to wait until he received all of the distribution information from each restaurant before he could begin to even think of looking for something incriminating in the table ware.

Upon entering the restaurant Nick was greeted by the now familiar scene of a man lying face down dead in his dinner. The only thing that always changed was what the man had been eating. Tonight it was an extravagant steak dinner, which Nick could only dream of on his detective’s salary. He took out his notebook and turned to a page where he continued the list of foods the deceased had been eating prior to their passing.

As Nick looked over the list he was reminded of the last victim, a man by the name of Johnathan Cachelli, or as he was known by his associates “Jonny C.”  He has been eating a large bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese and Nick made a hangman’s chuckle to himself remembering that the mess on that table was what had made him take note of the cloth napkins at all of the previous crime scenes. Upon putting his notebook away to examine the scene of the crime, Nick observed that this restaurant too had cloth napkins. At least that was a through line he could cling to in the face of these unsolvable crimes, and it gave him a sliver of hope that perhaps in the end his latest hunch about their being a connection between them.

That is when Nick took another glance at the napkin clutched in the dead man’s hand and suddenly the familiarity of the scene took on a whole new level. On the corner of the napkin there was a stain which looked to be left there by tomato sauce. Nick flagged down a member of the staff and asked if any of the entrees featured a tomato based sauce. The waiter answered that they did not, to which Nick followed up by asking how often the napkins were cleaned, and the waiter assured him that clean linens were always available to their guests. Nick went to more closely examine the table and took note that nothing present could have caused this stain on the deceased’s napkin.

Finally, something that linked the deaths, could it be possible that this napkin had been responsible for the deaths, at least in some small way. Was it left here tonight as a message to those who bore witness that this killing was part of a larger strike. All Nick needed was the napkin and he would be able to run tests on it and possibly link an identity to the killer.

Putting on a pair of rubber gloves and preparing an evidence bag, detective Graham turned his attention to retrieving the napkin. To his surprise the “smoking” napkin had vanished despite the fist of the deceased still being clenched. He looked around but the napkin was nowhere to be found. He asked the other detectives if they had seen anyone coming or going, but they had kept the crime scene contained and none of them had recovered the napkin. Nick was crestfallen at losing this potentially case making piece of evidence. As he stood there wondering where the napkin could have gone, he decided that perhaps he had formulated the entire connection in his mind. Could thinking back to the crime scene at the Italian restaurant have made him imagine the red spot on the napkin? Had the pressure he had been putting on himself and his hope that there was some connection between the murders and the restaurant’s cloth napkins manifested in him seeing something that wasn’t there? Nick dismissed all this, because he at least knew that upon first glance of the crime scene the deceased had a napkin and by the time he went to retrieve it the napkin was suddenly missing.  Perhaps it was nothing, but Nick knew that in the future he would make sure to pay close attention to the napkins on the table.

Meanwhile, in the corner of the restaurant, the napkin lay curled up against the wall breathing a sigh of relief. This had been the first close call since Timothy Jencks had his consciousness transferred into the napkin by the voodoo priestess. The foolish woman thought that it would be punishment enough for Timothy who had strangled her grandson to death, but she had underestimated the power of Timothy’s hatred for his fellow man. Even trapped in the form of a four-ply cloth napkin he was able to continue his work of killing his fellow man. In fact it almost made it easier for him, since he was able to hide in plain sight and wait in silence for his moment to strike against the over privileged who patronized these restaurants . The detective had gotten too close this time though. Timothy had begun to grow careless because of his new form, and he knew that he must be more caution in the future if he was going to be able to continue his killing spree.  First though, he would need to get himself laundered to make sure the tomato sauce stain which had almost been his undoing this evening was eliminated. Then he could focus on taking care of this detective that threatened to put an end to his fun.

Well there you have it folks, my commission based on the fact that I had to write something about a homicidal four-ply napkin. I hoped you enjoyed reading it, because I enjoyed writing it.

We now return to our regularly scheduled segment… Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding our preemption yesterday due to mental and physical exhaustion. As I mentioned I received three commissions yesterday and in the spirit of fair play we will begin with the person who was fortunate enough to commission me first, Miss Haley Pittman.

Haley instructed me to order the Salted Caramel hot chocolate and she had an odd request regarding what it is I write today. I was given free reign over my domain, as long as the post started with a man naked in the woods. With that we focus our attention to today’s story… Spoilers it starts with a man naked in the woods.

The Night Race

                For the first time in a decade, he felt cold. As he stood naked in the clearing on his hands and knees he realized that the change had occurred. With trepidation he rose on his hind legs and hesitantly balanced as he stood erect surveying the snow covered landscape that stretched out in all directions. He knew these woods well, but now he set his sights on what lay beyond them.  His name was Sven, and as he began to relearn the careful art of walking on only two legs he was full of joy, for if he had resumed his human form after all these years being trapped in the majestically beautiful form of a deer then he knew his beloved had experienced the same metamorphosis.

In another part of the same town that Sven was walking along the outskirts of, warm and safe inside a home, she stretched and enjoyed the new outlook she had on the world.  She had returned to her original height, no longer restricted to her small feline form. Jessica, for this was her name snuck into the basement of the house which she had made her home over the last ten years and retrieved from her assumed master’s possessions, clothing to hide her shame (though in truth there wasn’t much to be ashamed of). Dressing quickly she snuck out of the bulkhead door and out into the night. She did not know if Sven had tried to find her during their shared exodus, but in her heart she didn’t have time to worry. She knew that based upon the sorcery that had been used, her return to humanity would only last until the sun rose in the morning sky.

While Jessica set out on her journey to find him, Sven had just reached the city limits and realized that if he was going to continue he would need to find clothing. Not just to blend in the human world, but also to stave off hypothermia as the night was becoming bitter cold. He happened upon a clothing donation bin and upon further examination noticed the lock on the door was broken. He looked inside and was able to find clothing which fit and keep him warm as he continued his journey. The only thing he wasn’t able to find within was footwear, but he knew by the height of the moon in the night sky that he did not have time to dally on such contrivances. He had to be swift if he was to meet her. That is, if she recalled the location of their rendezvous after these many years.

The church of St. Michael, at the base of the bell tower, that is where they had decided to meet each time the gestation period of the magic would pass. For the past two hundred years they had been engaged in the same cycle. In that time the world had changed immensely, but the old church had survived. During her banishment from the human race, she had memorized the route from the place she had made her new home to that most sacred place where she knew she would be able to gaze upon her lover again. Assuming he had forgiven her after these many years.

The question was one born out a fear that he would still hold hatred in his heart for what had happened when last they walked upon the land as humans. The cycle was always the same, for a period of ten years they would be forced to live within their animal forms, after that period they would begin the twenty years where, like the other members of the night race, they would return to their human forms each evening, able to walk the land as they once had. Following this score, they were granted a single year in their human forms. The cycle was a small price to pay for the immortality that the wizard’s spell had promised them.

Sven and Jessica knew that their love would be forbidden. Faced with life alone or a supposed eternity together briefly sacrificing their humanity, the choice was easy to make.  They made their plans before Sven had taken his form of the mighty buck and Jessica the slinky feline form of a house cat. The former times when they were able to be together again as man and woman had been some of the best of their life, but the last time Jessica had grown careless and this carelessness was what made her fearful that Sven would not return to her this evening.

The last year that they both were able to spend together with regained humanity Jessica found herself with child. She tried to hide it from Sven, but soon her secret was revealed. Sven was initially overjoyed at the prospect of being a father. In nine months they found themselves with a beautiful baby boy. The sheer ecstasy which came when they looked upon the prize of their union was short lived however, when they both realized they would soon have to give up their son Charles for in a month, they would be forced to restart their cycle of eternal life. Sven was so incensed at losing his son that he left Jessica alone with the boy.

Jessica with no other choice, tears in her eyes, and a broken heart, gave the child up for adoption and prepared for the decade in her feline form.   What she did not know was that Sven had done his best to keep watch over Charles until the day when he was adopted from the orphanage. Both knowing that they had left their child, fell into deep sorrow, but over the years as the end of their exile from humanity drew to a close they both had resolved that they would not only find one another, but their lost son.

As Jessica ran through the snow and turned the corner that lead to the church, she saw her Sven standing there, hands in his face, for he believed that she had not come. With renewed energy she propelled herself forward towards her love. Soon they were in a tight embrace, sharing a passionate kiss. Sven apologized for his actions in learning they would lose their child and Jessica apologized for her carelessness. Sven waved off her apology, and kissed her once more strongly on her lips. He explained that now they had something else to live for besides their love for one another and with a renewed vigor they set off hand in hand to find their child.