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Hello everybody. I know that I was basically dark for the year 2013 due to the myriad of changes that I was going through as a direct result of receiving a new job. Looking back, some of the most fun I had with this blog was the Month of Codes in February 2012. In an effort to recapture that enjoyment I decided I would do another February feature. This time instead of focusing on video games codes I will be looking back on a cartoon series I fell in love with way back in 2008 when it premiered.

The series in question is “Spectacular Spiderman” which due to some creative coupon usage at Toys R Us I recently picked up in full for just $23.00.

Since it has exactly 26 episodes my intention is to watch and review an episode a day. With the first being used for the explanation you are currently reading and the last day as a place to list my ten favorite episodes of the series.

If you’re able, I definitely recommend following along… but if you can’t in addition to the reviews I will be including some ridiculous photos of my Spectacular Spider-Man figure each day so you can at least have something fun to look at.

If you’re still on the fence I suggest following this link and watching the theme song for the show. I guarantee you won’t be able to resist singing along and since the catchiness of the theme is the only reason I even began watching the show I think its a perfect place for the uninitiated to start.


Dunkin Donuts has a deal going on which has inspired me to get out there and do something creative. If you contribute to the Special Olympics by buying a special mug, then every day after 2:00 PM you can get a free hot or iced refill of coffee for just $0.99 or $1.07 with Tax. This deal extends through the end of February and since purchasing the filled mug was the same cost as a normal cup of coffee I decided that I would try to take advantage of this deal.

After purchasing the mug this morning, I realized I have been wanting to flex my creative muscles and a brilliant idea came to me. I would be fueled by Dunkin Donuts and try to do something creative through the end of February, each day powered by that $0.99 refill.

That’s where you come in reader. I find I often have a brunt of ideas floating around in my head and find it hard to focus on or even pick one to use at any given time. Which is why I’ve decided that through 2/28/2014, for the cost of a cup of coffee, I am offering myself up for commissions of written work. That means that if you give me the required one hundred and seven cents required to purchase a cup of coffee I will write something based on a topic of your choosing (up the length of one page of a word document minimum). You’ll be helping me get my coffee and hopefully I’ll be delivering you with something fun and enjoyable to read. Since that may not be the case I am also allowing you to pick exactly what it is that I will be drinking. I won’t do artificial sweeteners or decaffeinated coffe, but as long as it is on Dunkin Donuts’ menu and eligible for the deal then I will imbibe it.

I consider it selling out to myself and I think that it could result in some fun overall. If you’re interested please get in touch with me and we can work it out.

To start I was given the cost of a cup of coffee by Goody DeMichele and decided to get her drink of choice everyday a Hot Almond Coffee Black. The inclusion of Almond got me thinking about candy and how almonds are considered a candy due in part to their inclusion in so many different candy items, and that in turn inspired this fictional story about the realm of Snacktasia and the origins of chocolate. I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow for more coffee fueled commission fun.

The Origins of Chocolate

                In the years after the fruit and nut wars had ended, a peace fell over the land unlike any that had ever been seen before in Snacktasia. After a solid decade of fighting over which was the more and delicious treat in existence, both sides agreed that sometimes one wanted a treat which played upon the savory parts of the palate and others when a sweeter treat was in demand. As the two warring factions came to a mutual agreement that there was room for both of them in the highly competitive world of snacking, the realm of Snacktasia embarked upon a new age of enlightenment and advancement unlike any that had been seen before. As often happens during such times of advancement the people fell into a state of blissful ignorance.

                One of the many facets of the golden age of Snacktasia was a renewed sense of exploration and adventure. Now that they had completed the arduous task of rebuilding their homeland, the sights were set on the great mysteries which existed across the great grape oceans which surrounded their land. With a portion of the wealth they had been able to amass the people of Snacktasia decided they would build a ship with which to cross the great juicy divide.  Throwing caution to the wind they embarked on this quest to further explore their realm.

                For two months the intrepid crew braved the harsh elements of the sucrose scented sea and as their supplies continued to diminish so did their resolve at successfully completing their voyage. A group of sailors aboard the mighty vessel took stock of the situation and realized that if they continued on this path they would be out of rations within two weeks and most likely dead by months end. They pleaded with their captain to turn back before all hope of survival was lost, but their cries fell upon deaf ears and they continued their impassioned pleas they soon started to sound of mutiny and the captain decided that he would lock these detractors in the brig for their insolence.  Hearing this talk of imprisonment, those who had first approached the captain with a peaceful request decided that force would be the only way to make their captain see reason and their intentions turned truly mutinous.

                A large fight broke out on deck and soon everyone was involved in the skirmish, save the cabin boy who had been assigned to the crow’s nest. Frightened of what was happening below him he looked out across the great purple endlessness and that was when he saw it.

                “LAND HO!” he cried “LAND HO! OFF THE PORT BOW!”  

                The combatants below stopped at the cabin boys cries of land in the distance and as the fighting came to a halt the captain remove his spyglass to confirm the boy’s cried. Sure enough there of the port of the boat he too saw land.  Renewed by the find the thought of mutiny had ceased, and all began working together to make landfall.

Upon docking the crew disembarked into a dark brown wasteland. It was deserted without any trace of civilization. Still after 6 straight fortnights of nothing but ocean, it was a pleasant sight to the crew, and they began to leap and cry out with excitement. One even got down on his knees and kissed the ground, happy to be back on dry land, and that dear reader is where our story takes a rather strange turn.

Placing his lips upon the hard brown terra, he found it greeted with a sweet intoxicating flavor, as he continued to taste the sweetness of the earth, a sensational aroma filled his nostrils and made his thoughts drift to a heavenly utopia. He stood and told his crew mates that they too should taste the bounty all around them, and soon all the men save the captain had taken similar trips on the wings of such ecstasy and strived to taste more and more of the deliciousness all around them. Seeing the joy that his men were experiencing the captain grabbed a handful of the brown earth and took a taste for himself.  He now understood the sheer joy that the flavors of this new land had brought to his crew and decided that they would take as much from the land as they could back to Snacktasia.

Upon loading the vessel with enough of the delicious brown substance that this new country was made of, the captain turned to his sexton to see if he could plot a way home. Sure enough in the sky he recognized the constellation “Chochalia” and based upon its location in the heavens was able to find the best route back to Snacktasia. Since the route was based upon the location of “Chochalia” in the night sky the men started to call the new land Chocaway, and the deliciousness they had harvested from their shores “chocolate.”

Upon their arrival home the crew was regarded as heroes, and the chocolate which they had brought with them. Soon a trade route had been established so that they could always have a ready supply of chocolate available to them. The new delicacy was a hit amongst the entire population of Snacktasia, and their golden age began to be a whole lot sweeter. Unfortunately the people of the land failed to recognize the danger which lurked on the horizon.

The Twenty-Seventh day mean one thing the end of the Arc. Yes in the new tradition of Comic Books I decided that for the month of codes I would include a brief overarcing theme that I would pepper throughout. It was a little reward for those who were paying attention, on days that were part of the Nines table, I would feature codes from a series of games. From the beginning it was decided that this would be the only series that would have multiple game represented. Unfortunately like all arcs it is time for this one to come to an end.  If you haven’t figured it out yet then it is time for the “BIG” reveal.

Day Twenty-Seven

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

1994 / Genesis

Level Select

Code: When the white fades from the Sega Screen enter “Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up”

Yes Sonic the Hedgehog 3, while it was the first Sonic game to feature a battery backed save, it was also the first Sonic game to feature an “unsolvable” puzzle. This puzzle existed in the Fourth Zone Carnival Night. Eventually you reach a spinning cylinder and can nogt continue. This puzzle is solved if you press up and down in the correct rythmn, however  there is nothing in game or in the manual indicating that you can influence the spinning cylinders in Zone 4.

This meant that for many the farthest they ever got was Zone 4. Well maybe not for many, but definitely for me. I got so frustrated I just stopped playing the game altogether because I could not for the life of me figure out how to proceed past that point. Luckily this game didn’t abandon its roots when it learned how to record your progress and still included a level select code.

The code is entered on the Sega screen, eventually the white will fade and that is when you enter the code. It takes some practice but once you figure out the timing it will become second nature. When entered correctly you will hear a ding confirming your proper inputting skills. Then when you get to the title screen scroll down and you will eventually reach the sound test option.

In Sonic 3 this is the place to go in order to select your level. Just choose the Sound Test option and you’ll be brought to that now familiar menu that we had come to enjoy in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. As an added bonus you get to see three zones that were scheduled to be part of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but that were scrapped for time. These levels would later be included in the sequel Sonic and Knuckles. This allows Sonic the Hedgehog 3 to reminder us of the times when rather than hold back a game in order to finish it, developers would put out an incomplete product to meet release date.

With this code you will be able to explore the two levels after Carnival Night Zone: Icecap and Launch Base. Seriously can you believe that the Third game in the series only has six zones, that’s the same amount as the First game, except that Sonic 3 only has Two acts per zone, so that means that Sonic 3 is one of the shortest in overall length of the game released on the Genesis. Of course when added to Sonic and Knuckles to unlock Sonic 3 and Knuckles, you get to experience the game as it was originally intended.  Not only that but it is the only game that allows you the opportunity to play as Hyper Sonic, the Super Saiyan Level 2 of Super Sonic, by allowing you to convert the Chaos Emeralds into their Super Emerald Form and then activating them all by completeing their bonus stages.

I digress though by going into talk about Sonic and Knuckles. Its a shame that no month has Thirty-Six days or I could have continued the arc. Still with the use of today’s code you’ll be able to make sure that this never happens to you.

PROTIP: Next Time direct Scott Pilgrim to The World According to Devon

To start today’s post I will take 5 minutes to make a list, in order, to the best of my ability.

And 7:13 PM Go!


  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Ivysau
  3. Venusaur
  4. Charmander
  5. Charmeleon
  6. Charizard
  7. Squirtle
  8. Wartortle
  9. Blastoise
  10. Caterpie
  11. Metapod
  12. Butterfree
  13. Weedle
  14. Kakuna
  15. Beedrill
  16. Magikarp
  17. Gyrados
  18. Nidoran
  19. Nidorina
  20. Nidoqueen
  21. Nidorino
  22. Nidoking
  23. Zubat
  24. Golbat
  25. Geodude
  26. Growler
  27. Golem
  28. Macho
  29. Dratini
  30. Dragonaire
  31. Dragonite
  32. Articuno
  33. Zapdos
  34. Moltres
  35. Mewtwo
  36. Mew




And Time!

Now that is sad to show just how sad it is I will now supply a list of all the original 151 Pokemon in Pokedex order.

1. Bulbasaur
2. Ivysaur
3. Venusaur
4. Charmander
5. Charmeleon
6. Charizard
7. Squirtle
8. Wartortle
9. Blastoise
10. Caterpie
11. Metapod
12. Butterfree
13. Weedle
14. Kakuna
15. Beedrill
16. Pidgey
17. Pidgeotto
18. Pidgeot
19. Rattata
20. Raticate
21. Spearow
22. Fearow
23. Ekans
24. Arbok
25. Pikachu
26. Raichu
27. Sandshrew
28. Sandslash
29. Nidoran (Female)
30. Nidorina
31. Nidoqueen
32. Nidoran (Male)
33. Nidorino
34. Nidoking
35. Clefairy
36. Clefable
37. Vulpix
38. Ninetales
39. Jigglypuff
40. Wigglytuff
41. Zubat
42. Golbat
43. Oddish
44. Gloom
45. Vileplume
46. Paras
47. Parasect
48. Venonat
49. Venomoth
50. Diglett
51. Dugtrio
52. Meowth
53. Persian
54. Psyduck
55. Golduck
56. Mankey
57. Primeape
58. Growlithe
59. Arcanine
60. Poliwag
61. Poliwhirl
62. Poliwrath
63. Abra
64. Kadabra
65. Alakazam
66. Machop
67. Machoke
68. Machamp
69. Bellsprout
70. Weepinbell
71. Victreebel
72. Tentacool
73. Tentacruel
74. Geodude
75. Graveler
76. Golem
77. Ponyta
78. Rapidash
79. Slowpoke
80. Slowbro
81. Magnemite
82. Magneton
83. Farfetch’d
84. Doduo
85. Dodrio
86. Seel
87. Dewgong
88. Grimer
89. Muk
90. Shellder
91. Cloyster
92. Gastly
93. Haunter
94. Gengar
95. Onix
96. Drowzee
97. Hypno
98. Krabby
99. Kingler
100. Voltorb
101. Electrode
102. Exeggcute
103. Exeggutor
104. Cubone
105. Marowak
106. Hitmonlee
107. Hitmonchan
108. Lickitung
109. Koffing
110. Weezing
111. Rhyhorn
112. Rhydon
113. Chansey
114. Tangela
115. Kangaskhan
116. Horsea
117. Seadra
118. Goldeen
119. Seaking
120. Staryu
121. Starmie
122. Mr. Mime
123. Scyther
124. Jynx
125. Electabuzz
126. Magmar
127. Pinsir
128. Tauros
129. Magikarp
130. Gyrados
131. Lapras
132. Ditto
133. Eevee
134. Vaporeon
135. Jolteon
136. Flareon
137. Porygon
138. Omanyte
139. Omastar
140. Kabuto
141. Kabutops
142. Aerodactyl
143. Snorlax
144. Articuno
145. Zapdos
146. Moltres
147. Dratini
148. Dragonair
149. Dragonite
150. Mewtwo
151. Mew

I suppose when you look at how many I got in correct order then it could have been a lot more sad I got 23 out of 151 That number could have been higher and that would have been sad.

All of this now done we can move to the actual code of the day. As you may have guessed its from the original Pokemon

Day Twenty – Six

Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version

1999 / Gameboy

99+ Of any item.

In order to take advantage of this code you need to have access to HM 2 Fly, HM 3 Surf, and Cinnabar Island. Then do the following:

First: Put the item you wish to duplicate in the sixth slot in your inventory, and make sure you have a pokemon that knows Fly, a pokemon that knows surf, and preferably a pokemon with a high speed stat as your lead off.

Second: Fly to Viridian City and go to leave via the northmost exit. Before you leave located to your left you will see an old man.

Third: Speak to this old man and he will ask if you are in a hurry, answer No and he will teach you how to catch pokemon. Watch his entire demonstration.

Fourth: Fly to Cinnabar Island, then walk to the east coast and surf directly along the coast, do not go out into the deeper water. Surf up and down the coast until a battle activates.

Five: When the battle commences it should either be a high level pokemon or a glitchy looking rectangle man named M. Either run or battle.

Six: Once the battle is over go to your inventory and check the sixth item, it should show a glitchy looking symbol in the Right hand column, this indicates that you have more than Ninety-Nine items in stock. As you use items this will eventually show Ninety-Nine and will then go down numerical accordingly.

This can be used to quickly level your pokemon if you duplicate Rare Candy and it will mean that you can have a never ending supplies of Master Balls.

There you go ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the code and happy hunting and remember


  1. Nidorina
  2. Nidoqueen

It’s Friday Night and I just got paid, I don’t have time to sit and type about a code its time for HYPERMODE

Day Twenty-Four

Guitar Hero 2

2006 / PS2

Enable Hyper Mode

Code: At the title menu hit these keys in the following order:

“Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue Orange Yellow”


O Boy! O Boy!

Some say it makes the game harder, some say it makes the game easier. All I know is that it makes the notes move faster on the scrolling fret bar. If you ever enable and then want to disable it (without shutting off the system) just enter the code again.

O Boy! O Boy!

There’s the code of the day, now go enjoy your evening. Me? I got places to do and people to go. GOODNIGHT!



After the lengthy rant I went on yesterday I decided that today I would keep it simple today. Thus I present

Day Twenty-Three

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

1996 / SNES

Access Cheat Code Entry

Code: At the game select screen highlight the game you want to cheat on and then enter ” ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘R’, ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘R’, ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘L’, ‘R’ ”

This is cheat code I only ever used once. Truth is I only know this code because I was flipping through a Nintendo Power Magazine while shopping at Stop and Shop and there in the “Classified Information” pages was this little gem. In order to commit it to memory I put the code to a little ditty, or to be relevant should I say diddy. Either way I had already cleared Donkey Kong Country 3 with 103% so I didn’t feel bad using a cheat code.  Unfortunately when I got home I remembered the code to access cheat entry, but sadly only remembered one cheat code: “MERRY”

The “MERRY” code was unique in that it makes all of the Bonus Levels Christmas themed. There’s Christmastized background music and the stars that are required to be collected in some Bonus Stages  have been swapped out Christmas ornaments. Though I think stars are more Christmas themed but who am I?

I know that other codes exist, in fact the magazine listed them all, but I couldn’t for the life of you tell you what they are. I’m sure a quick Google search or visit to Gamefaqs would be able to share some more codes with you. For now I’ll stick to “MERRY”. It just makes me feel, I don’t know, merry?


Anyone who has been in regular contact with me over the past week will be able to attest to the fact that I have been stricken with a case of Shell Shock. Friends, Relatives, Co-Workers, Strangers on the Street, that guy who works at the Comic Book store (You know the one) would all stand up and testify that I have been more obssessed with the Ninja Turtles than even Oroku “The Shredder” Saki. I have bought something like Fourteen back issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books (FROM THE EIGHTIES!) and best of all I’ve only spent like Twenty Dollars doing it.

Today is especially exciting because it is the first week of what I am personally calling Ninja Six-Pack. The reason is that starting today and for the the next Five weeks there will be Five brand new Ninja Turtles comic books released. This makes me giddy as a school girl, because it means that I will be given an even bigger chance to feed my addiction.

It was only a matter of time before this Tumultuous Tsunami of Terrapin Love was able to smash through into Codesmas and have an effect on the code of the day. When I was reading one of my back issues yesterday and saw a two page splash advertisement for this game then I knew I could no longer deny my true feelings. Without further ado let the Onslaught of Obsession continue!

Day Twenty-Two

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project

1992 / Nintendo Entertainment System

Auto-Select Mode

Code: Press “Down’ Five times on the turtle select screen to enable Auto Mode

This code is a strange one, and one that will definately require some explanation. The third arcade style game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, brought us Shell Heads the best of both worlds. Like the first it allowed you to switch turtles whenever one was defeated and like the second game it was actually playable. Not to mention the third game introduced a slew of chracters that had only ever been represented as toys or at most in one episode of the show. In my opinion the Manhatten Project truly represents the pinnacle of Ninja Turtles games.

As I had stated the game let’s you choose whether you stick with the same turtle or switch to another whenever one of them dies. Now I will allows choose Raphael, he’s the best, unfortunately in the video games he can be hit or miss as a character. Usually he deals out the most damage, but also sustains the most. Another reason why I like The Manhattan Project so much is its difficulty and even though I am a die hard Team Raph fan, I can admit that there are some parts that require a character who might dish it out hard but can at least take some serious damage. This means its nice to be able to switch your turtle, sometimes though having choice can be a scary thing, especially when your choices are so limited. If you don’t use the epitome of bad-assery that is Raphael then what are you left with: A Tool, A Nerd, and A Stoner more commonly known as Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Its a difficult choice, luckily that is where Auto select comes into play. When you activate Auto-Select then when your Turtle of choice goes up to that big Terrarium in the sky then instead of being stuck with the difficult choice of picking which Turtle to continue, the game does the heavy lifting for you. Its like having your Pizza and eating it too. What more sometimes auto mode will give you the same Turtle you were just playing as.  The code can even be activated if you have a second player coming along for the ride, the only difference is you will need to press “Down” Ten times instead of Five.


The Tool

The Bad Ass

The Stoner

The Nerd

Now that we’ve gotten all of that business about the code of the day out of the way I would like to pontificate for a while on why I enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project so much. While at first glance it is easy to put the blame on the inclusion of such characters as:



And who could forget

Head Spinning Bebop!

The game also includes the best plot line ever for a Ninja Turtles game. Check this the Ninja Turtles are enjoying their  vacation on a beach in Florida, yet like the good little April Fanboys that they are they still tune in for her Local new report.
I’m gonna pull a Zack Morris and say TIME OUT! I can get past the Turtles being on vacation in Florida, that doesn’t bother in the least, I mean the Punk Frog episodes take place in Florida so clearly they are able to freely move across state lines as mutated Turtles. The problem I have is that they are somehow able to get Channel Six New York’s broadcast in Florida. There is no way that April would be on a national broadcast TIME IN!
Its a good thing that they did because it is this exact moment that Shedder decides he is going to enact his most heinous crime yet, he not only kidnaps April, but the entire city of Manhattan as well, by causing it to lift from the sea and float in the sky.  He then challenges the Turtles to come and take them both back ( Think of how embarassing it would have been for him had the Turtles not been watching, Seriously!) The Turtles then start out on what is sure to be a long hard battle.

That's what she said?

The game then starts as most TMNT games do, it gets really good though once you get to the end of the level and hear their plan for getting back to New York.

They are going to surf, they intend to surf all the way from Florida to Manhattan, clearly this wasn’t Donatello’s plan. Luckily he gets his voice heard at about the midpoint of Scene 2 and they board an Battleship that will take them the rest of the way to Manhattan, except for the vertical part, they are going to have to figure some other way to do that, Battleships can’t fly.

From there the game is pretty much your standard Ninja Turtles game there is the Bridge Level, The Sewer Level, The Level in Space, The Technodrome level. Still screw The original Arcade game and Turtles in Time this is the game that deserves a remake. A Remake for real!